The Friends

Suzanne is a twentysomething girl living in one of her favorite cities, Chicago.  She works by day (and often times night) as a marketing analyst in the digital marketing and advertising world.  It can be a bit difficult to find spare time (and change) to do everything she wants to do, but she often finds things have a way of working themselves out just so.

The little lady hails just southbound on I-55 from St. Louis, MO, which just so happens to be one of her other favorite cities.  She root-root-roots for all of her hometeams.  In fact you'll find that she is just as likely to offer an analysis on the Rams receiving game, as she is on the latest Kate Spade collection.

Her family means everything to her.  She has the savviest friends of the bunch.  Pearls, bows, and lace are never a thing of her past.  Woody Allen will always make her laugh just as much as Frank Capra draws her tears.  She'll take a jet whenever and where ever dared to go off to.  One day she'll find Jimmy Stewart's boyish charm, Vince Vaughan's humor, and Robert Redford's smarts wrapped all in one.  Above all though, she never gives up on working hard for the millions of details that make life so worth it.

Caroline is a writer and editor currently living and working in New Orleans' Lower Garden District. 

By day she works in marketing for a serene little uptown spa, and by not-day she works as a freelance writer and consumer of all things the Crescent City has to offer — edible and otherwise.

Caroline likes to think she's funny and doesn't make much distinction between funny "ha ha" and funny "peculiar." She is overly attached to her iPhone, and sometimes seems to live by the mantra "pictures or it didn't happen."

She's delighted to collaborate on this blog with one of her dearest friends, and hopes its contents are relatable/enjoyable for whoever else happens upon it. When pressed, Caroline sums herself up with this, taken from an autobiographical poem she penned in the first grade:

"I can run, and I can have fun. I can dance, and I can pull down my pants."

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  1. Love you both, can't wait to drink my morning coffee and read your i better laugh.