Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Under the Bamboo Tree

In defense of human rights, love, and common sense I'd like to think that all people have an open lease to live Under the Bamboo Tree.  

Monday, March 25, 2013

Guys Like Girls In Yoga Pants: The Ultimate Grassroots Marketing Effort

Just last week I found myself falling victim to the marketing trap that is Lululemon.  Beyond the fact that they do actually sell a premium product, and that I have been a yoga enthusiast since high school, I knew why I was really buying the gear.  Because guys like girls in yoga pants.  No, this is not Lulu's actual marketing campaign.  It just kind of emerged as a grassroots effort by a very niche demographic: college aged/entry-level working girls with a "limited" support allowance looking for their next full-time support allowance.  And by-golly if their strategy didn't work.  I know this because it has been confirmed by several males I trust (in matters such as this).  So there I was, not once, but twice at the Lululemon register and feeling just awesome walking home in the freezing cold with my environmentally friendly shopping bags.  I knew in some ways what a lollipop I was, but it just really didn't matter.  These legs are going to look good.

{Image Credit: LithoShop via Swissmiss}

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Lately I've been obsessed with obsessing.  Well to clarify, I think so much has always been true.  And that's exactly what I have been obsessed with most recently.  That I can easily become obsessed.  The matters range widely.  Let's see the earliest real obsession I can think of were book series (Berenstein Bears, Little House on the Prairie, The Baby-Sitters Club, and Gossip Girl to name a few).  Then I discovered love in the name of Leonardo DiCaprio, which oddly enough faded to the background for Peyton Manning (a sense of taste being developed).  My current obsession is this past week's Season finale of Girls and the ending credits song performed by Fun. I have been obsessed with Christmas, restaurant lists, berets, test taking, Sex and the City (duh), classic films, presidential elections, Moroccon oil, Ross and Rachel, Kate Spade sample sales, Sting's "Ten Summoner's Tales album, baking muffins, closet space organization, online photo ordering, manicures, Beanie Babies, award shows, juice cleanses, Mad Men, the Kennedy family, The Today Show, the year 1946, family photos, Broadway revivals, #11in11 and other lovely October baseball nights, When Harry Met Sally, stationary, the European stock market, eggs...and well now I've already lost track.  Some go, many stay.  Typically about three to five major obsessions are held at any one time as it is much easier to focus my time that way.  Focus of time has been another obsession.  Quite frankly it all sounds exhausting, and I suppose at times it has been.  When you get to the end of one obsession's line that void can haunt you just as much as Florence + The Machine's cover of "Addicted to Love."  It's a disturbingly comforting thought though to know that the next second-level-of-Starbucks-on-Oak-and-Rush is probably just right around the corner.

{Image via Pinterest, found originally by Christine!}

Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy {It's Alright} Weekend!

Sometimes when you have a lot on your mind, the best thing to do is...well not think much about it at all.  Hope your weekend comes bundled with some carefree moments.  Spring is just around the corner, so start cleaning out those gutters!