Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Difference

Contemplating badging my age of "26" at the work place tomorrow.  This was so "in" back in 1990.  Well, let's face it, the whole look was.
Well once again my Birthday has found its way to me.  It's not that I have necessarily been avoiding it.  Rather, I just never know what to do with it.  Like so many other matters, I handle the day in a particularly awkward manner.  It's not a day I will ever plan anything for.  The well wishes via phone call, text message, and Facebook while very much appreciated, overwhelm me in many ways.  Yet all the while I very much expect for something to happen.  Not a surprise party kind of something (dear God, that would completely terrify me).  I guess what it is that I wish and hope for most on my Birthday is a feeling of closure for the year of life that has come to an end.  Then of course some imparted wisdom and rays of hope to grow on.

In my mind it's always made more sense to make resolutions for Birthdays rather than the New Year.  Let's face it, the mark of a personal new year is stamped with a number.  While our's country's math proficiency is in the tank, it's funny how quickly we can add, subtract, multiply and divide age differences.  As a quick elementary refresher, the difference is what you end up with when you subtract one item or number from the other.

To let my nerd tendencies run wild, let's just take 26, which I have always had the strange feeling would prove a great year for myself.  At 26 I can chalk up this much: a solid no-fluff resume, a higher sartorial quality closet, and more commitments.  I'll even add the centimeters here and there that were not on my 23 year-old figure.  If we subtract 25 from that, then some unspoken-for-bruises, a bakers dozen of stress-induced wine bottles (the rest can stay), and a few choice words can all be taken out.  We're then left with the difference of a slightly non-committal, borderline workaholic, who is very well groomed.  Hey, I've been called worse things.

So that was then, 25.  Not too shabby by any means.  I just think I can do even better with 26.  It may very well be that I won't know exactly what to do on my actual Birthday.  I'll place even good money though that I'll see myself through in the days after of the year.

It was just so much easier when I asked for Barbies...

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