Monday, March 25, 2013

Guys Like Girls In Yoga Pants: The Ultimate Grassroots Marketing Effort

Just last week I found myself falling victim to the marketing trap that is Lululemon.  Beyond the fact that they do actually sell a premium product, and that I have been a yoga enthusiast since high school, I knew why I was really buying the gear.  Because guys like girls in yoga pants.  No, this is not Lulu's actual marketing campaign.  It just kind of emerged as a grassroots effort by a very niche demographic: college aged/entry-level working girls with a "limited" support allowance looking for their next full-time support allowance.  And by-golly if their strategy didn't work.  I know this because it has been confirmed by several males I trust (in matters such as this).  So there I was, not once, but twice at the Lululemon register and feeling just awesome walking home in the freezing cold with my environmentally friendly shopping bags.  I knew in some ways what a lollipop I was, but it just really didn't matter.  These legs are going to look good.

{Image Credit: LithoShop via Swissmiss}

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