Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Big 1-5

Perhaps a 15th anniversary is the first mile marker of "feeling old" for some.  At least it seemed to hit people as such this past week when the beloved series, Sex and the City, passed that mark.  For me though it felt rather appropriate if anything.  I remember very little about Sex and the City making its debut because, well, I was 12 and [fortunately] sheltered.  What little memory I do have of its inception to premium cable television is that someday, not too far off, I would know what "it" was all about.  Not just the show, but everything surrounding it.  The fashion, the men, city life, and most importantly who I was (my 12 year old self instinctively identified with Charlotte).  Sure enough, 10 years and some change after that first episode aired, I wound up the proud owner of the bible and both movies.  I have cited every episode at least once in either giving advice to a friend, or justifying my own behavioral patterns.  In other words, I've learned some things from these gals, including the fact that you can be a hybrid, such as myself (Suzanne Iovaldi: A hybrid of Carrie and Charlotte-she so badly wants to wind up with a Harry, but she'll always go for, and wind up with, a Big.).

Yes, the show is...a show.  Meaning that the situations depicted are distorted for entertainment, and the characters themselves works of fiction contrived from someone's imagination. it really?  Just a show?

Some very importants lessons learned and moments shared from this work of genius:
  • Every girl wants a sign.  (Season One, Episode 12) {Side note: for the best version of the song playing in the end, "No Regrets," see Phoebe Snow
  • It happened to Carrie Bradshaw, it happened to Hannah Horvath, and it most certainly happened to you.  You're with the "new Yankee", and then you have a run-in.  Just climb back into that rabbit hole. (Season Two, Episode One)
  • I am not a Samantha, but I admire the gal's character.  Having a friend or two who are "Samanthas" is a true gift.  I wouldn't trade mine in for the world.  (Season Two, Episode Seven)
  • A picture is worth a thousand words.  While a hairdryer we can live without...on most days.  (Season Two, Episode 11)
  • Any girl would go to great lengths for the mother-in-law of her dreams.  (Season Two, Episode 15)
  • Grammar's not only important, it's endearing.  (Season Three, Episode Three)
  • If it's not a hotel bar, it's a baseball game.  Or a restaurant in Seattle while you're on business.  It doesn't matter where, you will probably get on that elevator. (Season Three, Episode Nine) 
  • It's one thing to not try things on when you're a Size 0.  It's another when you're a size 4/6.  (Season Three, Episode 12)
  • Who doesn't love a very random #tbt to the days of smoking pot?  Anecdotally, will things really be as funny and memorable once it's legalized?   (Season Three, Episode 15)
  • Falling down has since become the least embarrassing thing that could ever happen to me.  I thank Carrie Bradshaw very much for this as it happens to me a lot.  (Season Four, Episode Two)
  • No self-respecting girl actually backs up their computer. (Season Four, Episode Eight)
  • There are city folk, and there are country folk.  And it's just a matter of birthright.  (Season Four, Episode Nine)
  • Everything's better in The Hamptons [and also perhaps the most important episode of the series.]  (Season Five, Episode Eight)
  • The grass is always greener in Paris (or Chicago).  But home is where your friends are.  (Season Six, Episode 20)

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