Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Trick of It Is...Pick Up the Multi-Purpose Cleaner Everyday

I was not born into this world to be domesticated.  That much I am almost sure of.  At the youthful age of 23 though I found myself a homeowner.  Of course only to be a broke renter in the city of Chicago a year later, while also moonlighting as a remote landlord.  Point is I have had to look after residential space, sometimes multiple spaces, for awhile now.  Whether or not I was meant to be a homemaker has made little difference.  Things had to be figured out.  By "things" I of course mean, how to keep areas looking tidy and chic, often on a shoestring budget.  What I am trying to say is that thus far I have not had the luxury of bringing in the reinforcements.  While I refuse to be forced into "liking" something against my will, I can accept giving something its proper respect and attention.   This is what I have done for the act of "cleaning."

 It hasn't been easy by any means.  Every single day it is much easier to lose myself in reading the synopses of every show on my television guide to possibly DVR than it is to scrub down a couple rooms.  Always looking for ways to compartmentalize both emotionally and physically, I recently figured it out.  A little bit everyday goes a long way.  No, I am not talking about throwing pennies into a piggy bank.  I am talking about a couple spritzes from your multi-purpose cleaner.  Everyday, in a new spot.  Maybe you ran out of multi-purpose cleaner the other day thinking one of its many purposes is to clean windows and you kept glossing them over and over and over and no avail.  No problem.  Then today put a couple of loose items away.  Then a couple more items can go away tomorrow if your favorite scent of cleaning solution was out of stock at your local store.  In the world of domestication I have learned this much: the chores never end.  Like ever.   Never ever.  Do something, anything everyday.  Because no one wants to look like that strungout housewife you not only see on infomercials, but in real life while walking your dog.  It's not a becoming look, but a fairly neat house is to the many who aren't looking close enough.

{Image Credit: Method All Purpose Cleaner}

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