Monday, September 8, 2014

Take Off

Being a loyal Southwest flyer in St. Louis jades you in some ways.  With its own separate terminal, one becomes accustomed to many thing including the shorter security lines, accessible retail fronts and the distinct cattle call of a flight boarding.  For all of its amenities, the anxiety of getting to your designated boarding position is palpable throughout the building.  So it was somewhat of a relief that other airlines wound up offering more budget friendly options for my past few flights (thank you internet of things!).  While I dread having to figure out the logistics of a carry-on to avoid baggage fees, I figured it's nice to explore what else the airline industry has to offer.

As it turns out, I was missing nothing.  Well that's not entirely accurate.  I missed the $25 I had to cough up for every flight because the logistics could never figure themselves out to carry-on my bag.  Finances aside though, I found everything is the same.  Because no matter what carrier you choose to go with there will always be obsessive flyers.  The ones that, even when having a designated seat typed on their ticket, will insist to stalk their boarding gate for Group D to be announced.  The ones that will push and shove you to make sure in no way, whatsoever they will have to engage with you, or anyone else to ensure you have the wrong seat or vice versa.  These people do not discriminate by airport, flight times or exceptional service.  They are simply everywhere and they will not go away.  So it's high time the rest of us accept that piece of knowledge, move on and keep calm at the airport bar until the last boarding call is made.

{Image Credit: This Is Glamorous}

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