Sunday, November 25, 2012

Give Peace a Chance

So...did you survive the first round of holiday festivities?  It's easy to forget how stressful they can be, eh?  The cooking, the cleaning, the shopping, and the redundant conversations.  Okay, so I can only testify to the last part.  Knowing how much wine I had to consume just as a result from that though I can only imagine how many more bottles would have had to be on hand otherwise.

The holidays are so much fun though, and shouldn't result in gray hairs.  Before Christmas comes, browse through this list of safe conversation topics to curb any potential spine-stiffening hconflicts (sorry, I can't save you from the other chores).
  • Your most recent travel adventure (unless it in any way involves foreign policy)
  • That change you made to your house (but do not have it interlude into your next DIY project)
  • The amazing pasta dish you had last month (as long as it wasn't at the hottest restaurant in town, because then they'll want a name for how to get in)
  • The most recent Clooney flick (avoid details of political undertones)
  • The big sale last weekend (just do not divulge any dollar amounts for judging eyes)
  • The Real Housewives (refrain from describing anyone by ethnicity, race, or religion though)
  • What your book club is reading (only the PG-13 literature)
  • iPad or Powerbook?  (much less controversial than the age-old PC or Mac debate)
  • Sports (seemingly a safe topic across the board so long as it's before the fifth round of drinks)
  • Favorite Christmas cookie (bringing up actual memories typically results in unsolicited guest contributions of minor details)

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