Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tales of a Neurotic Retail Snob

It has come to my attention that I pay a lot of attention to retail.  So much so that I would say it has shifted from a personal hobby to an ever-evolving science.  In my never ending quest to make the world a better place, I figured this platform may best to help everyday citizens tackle their shopping woes, retail budgets, and all things related.

Perhaps you do not think your closet or pocketbook is in need of help.  Then again, you have been staring at that shoebox for over a week now contemplating whether or not that $75 would have been better spent on Dawson's Creek: The Complete Series.  Good people, we have Netflix and Hulu for problems like that and millions of answers for similar questions in judgment.  Unless those shoes looked like last year's DSW's clearance rack, the answer should be simple: PUT THOSE HEELS ON THE SHELF WHERE THEY BELONG.

Please give yourself a quick 15 seconds to look over the following personal inventory assessment...ready?

  • I have spent over $20 for a basic tank top
  • My closet/wardrobe is not organized in any particular manner
  • I see no difference between the words "closet" and "wardrobe"
  • Retail emails annoy me and I usually delete or unsubscribe
  • I have never participated in a secret sale
  • I strictly repin.  I am not sure where to find my own pins.
  • Very rarely will I make a splurge
  • I often wonder what the word "budget" means
  • My most recent dress I bought was for last year's holiday party
  • I find Target more than acceptable for all accessory purchases
  • When in doubt, I buy the most expensive version of a style
  • I think the hipsters are really onto something with their Converses
If at least five of these statements applied to you, I highly encourage lending your ear to some basic knowledge and helpful tidbits.  It's not that any one of these is bad.  It's just the combined efforts of your current shopping habits could be so much more efficient.  That's all.  Save the neuroses for me, and we'll get through this together.

Until then, Happy Thanksgiving Sales!

"Call me a snob, but I don't think it's very exciting to reply "J. Crew" when someone asks you where got your shoes or purse."--Suzanne M. Iovaldi {Disclaimer: J. Crew is a very fine and lovely brand. This statement will be studied more in-depth in posts to come}
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