Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Guest of honor: How to party properly at your next wedding

Last year, the manpanion and I partied in various stages of excess at nearly a dozen weddings. Drawing on our shared expertise, I wrote a column on what we've learned when it comes to wedding etiquette for a local digital magazine:

I’ve found that many questions of etiquette and expectation can be determined by your relationship to the couple. A close childhood friend, for example, has a little more leeway than say, an acquaintance from the office. But an old classmate might have less wiggle room than a long-suffering sibling who’s finally able to blow off the frustrations of 15 months of DIY wedding crafts.

What follows is a breakdown — from experience — of what’s acceptable wedding behavior based on the degrees of separation between you, the guest, and the adoring couple:

Wedding party: You helped plan the party, or at least execute it. You’ve devoted considerable hours and funds to toasting the happy couple, so you’re permitted to shed your shoes and your inhibitions. Just keep pace with the rest of the ‘maids and ‘men and don’t abuse the party bus.
Read the rest over at CultureMap Houston and let me know if we're more dream guest or hot mess. 

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