Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's One Of Those...

So this is one of those kind of posts.  You know, the "do better" type.  Today is the first day of the Lenten season.  What this means is that a second chance exists for all wannabe-Catholics to make good on their New Year's Resolutions.  And let's be real here.  Any Catholic [that I know] is a wannabe-Catholic, as little to none of us fit in the actual "protocol" of the Catechism.  Being that I tend to be of type-A personality, I still try very hard [at times] to fit in the role of model disciple.

This business of "giving something up" though has always baffled me.  The theme of Lent is "sacrifice," true.  However, if you look at the story, and I mean in the most simplistic of ways, it's about sacrifice for others.  In Lents gone by I have given up biting my nails.  While my nails now may be perfectly manicured every two weeks (during ideal seasonal climates), I am not sure this made a darn bit of impact in anyone else's life.  [However, if anyone is looking for a good nail shop in the Greater Chicago and St. Louis areas, or would like a polish suggestion, please do not hesitate to stop and ask me.]  The thing is though, giving up something for the betterment of yourself just seems so...uninspired.  You really think giving up sweets is going to help you?  I don't.  If it weren't for the chocolate frosted donut(s) sitting in front of me today I would have lost my marbles.  And if I hadn't had it(them) no one's day would have been better or worse for it.

Today I felt like actually challenging myself.  What do I actually over-indulge in that affects my ego-sphere?  Wine?  Sushi?  Retail?  That just sounds like a fabulous night in, and separately they are all completely harmless.  For the most part.  Now talking that is something that I enjoy, but that I can tend to take too far in the wrong direction.  And unfortunately that other direction is always in someone else's way.  So what if i just stopped trying to go that way?  That route of vocalizing here and there some tarnished comment about someone else?  It's so reflexive sometimes, but in the same jagged way as always grabbing a chocolate from the candy dish even when you're full.

I like to keep things moving, always.  That doesn't mean things don't deserve a second or two to sit on. This Lenten season I am really going to try and not vocalize anything negative about anyone.  Since I am not perfect (and again, believe me, I try VERY hard to be) I will inevitably leave behind some remarks.  Hopefully I will be able to recognize that, and for every one had I will donate $1 to The Bully  Project.

By the way, this isn't a "religion" thing.  It's a "people" thing.  Sometimes it's just nice to have a reminder.

As always, be well.

Note:  At the very minimum a $100 guaranteed donation will be made to The Bully Project.

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