Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Putting the "OK" in Karaoke

This weekend marked the third time in a month that I took the stage and sang "Build Me Up Buttercup."  The act has been completely voluntary each of those times.  I can't explain what leads me up there, or why I can't ever seem to utter the lyrics of another song.  What I can say is that when I steal that microphone away, a legend comes to life.  We're talking lips of an angel, moves of a night queen, presence of a rockstar...karaoke legend.  For anyone who has yet to experience such a performance, you may get your chance someday soon (especially at this kind of rate).  Just listen out for "Suzanne Iovaldi who is celebrating her 21st Birthday and singing Build Me Up Buttercup."  You'll see a 26 year old emerge, but stick around.  It's all part of the show.

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