Thursday, September 6, 2012

Reasons We Love Ryan Lochte

It's true, we consider some things "beneath us."  The grammatical faux pas of confusing their/there/they're, the overuse of emoticons, and of course chiffon ruching.  That being said, it is anything but for us to swoon over a man (see: pathetic Twitter conversations)  who is much on par with the afore listed misdemeanors-save for the chiffon ruching (we hope).  

This week we continue to find reasons to love Ryan Lochte.  Coming straight from the pages of our corporate friends at Forbes, the aspiring fashion mogul is trying to trademark his catchword "Jeah."  Like many wide-eyed pups though, he is unfortunately finding there are a lot of big dogs on the street.  Evidently in 2000 a company came into existence under that same name, and also sought trademark recognition.  Jeah, seriously.  We're hoping this doesn't turn into a courtroom drama (or could that be good reality television?).  Whatever the outcome though, he still has that face.

{Image via Pinterest}

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