Monday, September 24, 2012

Today I Will Not Judge Myself

Today I will not judge myself.  When looking in the mirror before leaving the house, I must know that Monday morning's stretchy pants look just as good as Friday night's short skirt.  Trust me, no one really knows about last night's takeout.

I refuse to judge myself when bypassing everyone in the coffee line and instead opt for chugging a Diet Coke after a night out.  Hey, I was just trying to have fun.

I'll always refuse to judge myself when being the one to laugh a little too loud in a quiet space.  Some things are just funny.  On the other hand it could be a day when not too much is funny at all.  I promise not to judge myself when pouring a glass of wine (or two) if it's one of those.

I cannot pass judgment on myself when blaring The Carpenters rendition of Ave Maria in the morning.  If it sounds right, I'll instead just say "Amen."

I will not let myself or anyone else let me feel bad when forgoing plans to stay home and watch TCM's Cary Grant movie marathon.  It only comes but three times a year!

I will not laugh at myself when tripping over the curb, running into a (non) moving object or person, or just simply experiencing gravity difficulties.  Instead I'll laugh with myself.  Well, myself and everyone else that bore witness.

Oh, this is important:  I am not going to judge myself when giving awkward glances, or saying too much to that guy spotted across the room.  After all his alternatives were the lush at the bar or that girl in the tacky satin halter.  Not that I am judging them either...

Today is just simply not the day for me to make judgment calls on myself.  I have too much to catch up on at my desk, too many phone calls to place to friends and family, and too many things to do before turning in at day's end.  If I don't get all of it done today then I won't have time to judge others tomorrow.

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