Monday, October 15, 2012

Denim on Denim and Other Casual Trends

Just a year ago I decided to don denim on denim to the workplace.  It wasn't necessarily an easy judgment call.  In fact it was a good thing I woke up as early as I did on that particular day so I could live picture text my sister throughout the dress change.  When every tuck was done just so, I felt quite confident and excited about breaking a fashion "no-no."  The truth was though, I wasn't setting out to be a rebel.  I simply had a denim vest and nothing to pair it with other than its bottom relative.  That's the problem with being a young working shopaholic sometimes.  Your cash can only get you as far as a fourth of an outfit. 

Today though, a year later, my morning went off without a hitch while dressing in light-washed straight legs and a chambray pin dot shirt.  Various group populations have now come to accept denim on denim combinations.  Not because such dignitaries as Chanel or Diane von Fursteberg said as much either.  It's because every shameful shameless trend starts with a few broke gals.

{Image Credit: The Sartorialist}

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