Tuesday, October 30, 2012


A few weeks ago I accompanied some friends of mine to a tailgate at Texas A&M University. It was my first time in College Station, and I was bowled over by the outpouring of chivalry, which seemed to seep from the very pores of the male students and alumni.

From the ample seating offered up by men who would rather eat with their hands than see a woman stand to the mortification I witnessed from a young man caught without his pocket knife ("I swear; this never happens!) the gallantry was truly arresting. 

After several hours of tailgating we headed to the bar district, where — feeling thoroughly respected and cared for — I joked that we might be in for some unfamiliar pick-up lines: 

Girl, you so fine I wanna dance on you at a respectable distance.

Girl, you so fine I wanna go as far as you're comfortable.

Girl, you so fine I wanna ask how yo day was.

Girl, you so fine I wanna offer you my blazer.

Girl, you so fine I wanna build you a deck.

Girl, you so fine I wanna ask your dad first.

Girl, you fine I wanna raise a dog with you.

Girl, you so fine I wanna give you equal pay for equal work.

I'm taking off early today to take a cue from the men of Texas A&M and put some gentlemen in office. Happy early voting! 

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