Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Getting hung up and cutting yourself loose

Ever found yourself enamored of someone inexplicably, hung up on them without reason until a sudden realization frees you just as suddenly as the infatuation hit?

Maybe you started crushing hard before he removed his cap to reveal that — gasp — he's a ginger. Maybe  he was super considerate until he made that totally backwards joke. Maybe what you liked most about him was how much he liked you, and carried on for some time before realizing that — independent of that — you didn't really like him much at all.

Sometimes these palate-cleansing realizations can come too late, even post- break-up. Long after your brain cuts the cord, something in your gut can keep you grumbling until, voila — some unearthed fatal flaw sends you giggling for the hills, laughing at yourself for ever wondering if it might have turned out differently.

As the holidays approach and the decor begins making its absurdly early debut, it's impossible not to recall one of my favorites. Long after the break-up, I found out that a young man I had formerly been in knots over routinely asked his maid to decorate his house for him. 

Ah yes, that time-old tradition of sitting around the hearth with a cup of cider, laughing together as a family, giving thanks for your many blessings and . . . watching the help hang your ornaments. 

And POOF: Those knots are untangled, and I'm disenchanted. I know you guys have got some similar stories of your own — let's hear 'em!

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